Unheard, Unknown Scholarships at your rescue

Unheard, Unknown Scholarships at your rescue

Grants and loans like the Stafford, Perkins and PLUS Loans, The Pell Grant and the TAP Grant are well known among most students looking for scholarship. Numerous students apply for scholarships every year for their education funding. Based on the credibility and other requirements for the application, the student is selected for the scholarship. The popular belief that there are few scholarships and grants which a handful of students get is a myth. The number of scholarships is enormous but many of them remain unknown to the many students. Here’s a list of few of them that have always been present yet unfamiliar, waiting for students to apply.

The Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest: With a distinctly different name than most of the other scholarships, this one is awarded to any high school student in the United States who makes the best duck call. The duck call is judged when students are given 90 seconds for executing the 4 duck calls – call of hail, feed, comeback and mating. The scholarship has no entrance fee like the others and anybody could apply if interested. In order to apply you need to apply through the Stuttgart Chamber of the Commerce in Stuggart, Ark. The prize money won by the winner is $ 1,500 while that by the first runner up is $ 500, the second runner up is $ 300 and the 3rd runner up is $ 200.

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest: Yet another scholarship that you might be unaware of, this one is a HENKEL Corp Duck Brand Duct Tape sponsored scholarship. It requires entry as a couple where each couple submits the company either a professional or an amateur picture. The formalities include submitting the applicants’ basic information like names, address, contact number, email address and what grade you are in. For applicant under 18 years of old the parents need to be willing to sign their release forms. The winners are awarded an amount of $ 2500.

L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest: This is an award as odd as the previous two, though not a mainstream scholarship; it is an award especially for students aspiring to be writers. Offered on a quarterly basis, the requirements of this scholarship are limited to the submission of a short story or novelette which is less than 17,000 words. You could stretch your imagination and write under any category be it science fiction or fantasy. Prizes begin with $ 1000, followed by the 2nd place prize of $ 750, and the 3rd place prize is $ 500. The surprise element is that there are 4 1st places in the first round that woculd again be selected for the final round to find a winner who would win an amount of an additional $ 4000

Scholarships need not be business and mainstream. Competitions on your most liked hobbies or your even fun events, offbeat and strange, could find you the funding needed for your college education.

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