Scholarships for the Disabled

Long list of options for Disabled Scholarship Opportunities

Long list of options for Disabled Scholarship Opportunities

Athletes, scouts and ethnic minority groups there are scholarships for every student. To aid your Federal Loans for College, scholarships are the best way. With increasing numbers of disabled students attending college; disability is no longer an obstruction to college. There are scholarships for the disabled students too.  The disabled students may have different economical backgrounds than other students and their medical expenses add burden to their cost of living. The standard scholarships are something you can apply for as a student but disabled students have different awards to their aid.

Among the large number of scholarships available for disabled students, one of most popular is by the Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation. The award came into existence with the efforts of the physically disabled women who wished to take part in the graduation programs. This grant is for women who would want to pursue their education despite hurdles of their disability. The scholarship is to assists the interested women by not being hounded with financial obstacles to deal with in case they desire for college education.  It is a means to encourage them to conquer their handicaps and be more able than others with education.

The Learning Disabilities Association is another such program to look for resources. The program supplies adequate information on education along with the services offered to students who suffer from ailments like dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Websites like the, by the Federal Government Disabilities Information provides information on the Federal Scholarships available. More information can be sought for from the information on Civil Rights, Community Life, Education or Housing and such many more options.

Apart from the options of scholarships only restricted for the disabled students to apply they can even apply for the other kinds of scholarships as well. They are eligible to contest for the same Federal Loans as the other students. Grants like federal Pell Grants, Federal Stafford Loans which are granted on the basis of the financial requirement could also be an option for disabled students who seek for loans and grants to pursue education. In such cases, if you even opt for a loan it is subsidized and the government assists by paying the interest on your loan amount. It is only after you graduate from the college that you would be required to pay the loan amount and the interest. Your parents are also provided assistance to help you get your education by the Federal PLUS Loads.  Federal PLUS Loads are unsubsidized loans that are granted to the parents of a student willing to go to College.

If you wish to work on campus while studying to be able to pay for the tuition fees there are a truckload of options like the Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grants; Federal Work Study Programs that help you do the same. If a student receives SSI, s/he could work towards getting an approval of a Plan for Achieving Self Support or PASS. It helps students to plan further and save certain amount of the money in order to use it for vocational school or College.

Apart from these, a good research as per your needs could help you find the most suitable and helpful kind of scholarship for you. Checking with the available Religious Groups, Organizations, Employers and General Scholarships and awards is also advisable owing to the large number of grants they sponsor. Your high school counselor is also an option to know more about the many kinds of scholarships for disabled students that you might consider choosing from before applying for any.

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