Scholarships for the Visually Impaired

A lot of scholarships to see

A lot of scholarships to see

The right to education is universal and no kind of barrier can obstruct one from the same. Mental ailment or a physical handicap, a student deserves his/her education and has all the rights for acquire funding for it. You can easily find scholarships to fund your education even if you’re hounded by challenges. All that students need to do is research over the number of scholarships available to find the best suitable one for them.

American Council of the Blind, is one of the most renowned places to find a scholarship incase a student is visually impaired. If you’re a legally blind full time student working at a post secondary education level in either academic or vocational programs, this organization could help you in a big way. It has 24 different scholarships that could be applied for if you can meet the eligibility requirements. One should be legally blind in both eyes and requires to have a 3.3 grade point average or better to apply to the council in order to aid your education.

Another such organization where you could try for the scholarship is the Association of Blind Citizens Scholarship Program. Copies of your high school transcript or in case you’re attending college already, copies of your college transcripts would be needed along with your application. Either through an email or by a CD you would also need to submit an essay, 300 to 500 words, on how essential the scholarship amount is to attain your education. The essay would state how the grant is important to seek your education. The organization is known to have sanctioned grants worth $ 10,000 annually.

In order to assist the students to find the funds needed to ably complete their education, the American Foundation for the Blind Scholarships has a number of scholarships made available. From the smallest grant of $ 500 to $ 1,500, the scholarship provides funds for education by fulfilling the document proofs required. Your identity proof of being a United States Citizen and the proof of being legally blind is considered necessary to complete your application process. In order to be able to get the grant sooner, you would need to write in an essay to accompany your application which would state your objectives, any past achievements and work experiences and also your goals as to why would you need the funds. The other essential documents include the official school transcripts and the ones that prove that you have been accepted to a post secondary school.

Visual impairment is aided with numerous scholarships that ensure nothing stops one to see beyond primary education. You need to talk to the guidance counselor to seek help in arranging for the applications. It is tasking to find the scholarships if you have no clue where to go about. For security you could even opt for the number of federal loans and for college education you would need higher security to pay for it. High school counselors and financial aid office in colleges can talk to you and recommend the possibly many which are not very known but provide what you seek.  Most scholarship programs can be found online for the major part of your research to find the suitable one to apply for yourself. To be assured to receive the fund in time, you need an early start in the application process.

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