Scholarships for Women

Accounting women abet

Accounting women abet

Women who wish to study accounting could do so with lot more ease to their finances. Accounting is among one of the most expensive choices of education. For a woman planning a career in Accounting, the hoards of scholarships available help to make life better though one may never be aware of them. College education is expensive but there are many ways you can find grants and scholarships that aid your college education without the need to payback. There is a list of scholarships if you are finding funds for your education. The scholarships mentioned are especially for women who wish to acquire aid in their education. If you are among the women who wish to walk ahead with college education, the scholarships ensure you do so without any second thoughts on the funds.

National Society of Accountants: for the students wishing to major in Accounting, these scholarships are given to students for about 30 times a year. You need to have a grade of B or better to be able to apply for the scholarship. In order to be able to apply for the scholarship, you need to be enrolled in the college and in case you’re a High school student you would have to be patient until you’re in college. You also need to be enrolled in a United States College or Business School as the scholarships are for the citizens of the United States or that of Canada.

The Educational Foundation For Women in Accounting: There are a number of scholarships by this foundation that could be apt for your situation. If you’re studying for the PhD in Accounting, the ‘Laurels Fund’ is one among the many scholarships which is a one year academic scholarship for women students that could help with awards from $ 1000 to $ 5000.  Women on Transition is the other scholarship for women who wish to go back to school to get their Bachelor’s Degree and are discouraged by lack of funds. With satisfactory grades and ability to complete your course requirements, you could renew the award annually. From the 3rd to 5th year of school, Women in Need Scholarships is another award for students in real necessity for financial assistance. Every two years the scholarships can be renewed with the award fund of$ 2000.

American Society of Women Accountants:  If you are among the women who are enrolled in a Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting either full or part time, these scholarships are especially for you. All you need to complete is either 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours and ensure you are enrolled to an accredited college, professional school or university in order to apply for the scholarship.

National Association of Black Accountants: For women of ethnic minorities who are enrolled either as full time students or have 12 semester hours or the equivalent could apply to the association for unburdening the load of funds. An average minimum grade point of 2.5 is mandatory for your application.

For Accounting students who are women there are a list long options online, number of choices that the High School Guidance Counselor can bring up to you. There is a number ways to come to your respite, if only you search enough.

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